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Fever 54 Candle

Designer: The Perfumers Story by Azzi

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Daring and eccentric notes of deep, dark florals surround themselves in exotic, hedonistic spices for a rich and daringly opulent scent that is embodied by this warming and exquisitely relaxing Fever 54 candle by The Perfumer's Story. An ideal choice for the bedroom, this sensual and calming, luxuriously fragranced piece is housed beautifully for an artful and decorative finish.

180g, Fragrance: Rich, aromatic florals wrapped with an exotic hint of spice

Character & Style: A sensual and calming aroma that is ideal for the bedroom
100% Natural wax-blend candle containing soya, rapeseed oil and beeswax
For best results, trim the wick before each burn.

SUST Style will donate 10% of your first order proceeds to WOMENS AID.