Charms and Amulets have been used for centuries by people as a tool for spiritual practice.

The sages of India observed thousands of years ago that our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires. The classic Vedic text known as the Upanishads declares.

You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.... 

Here's how to use them to set powerful intentions to fulfil your deepest needs and desires. 

Step 1: Find Space and Silence..

Both physical and mental. If meditation isn’t your thing, then find some time when its quiet to just breathe and quietly distance yourself from the mental chatter that follows and distracts us all day long.

Step2: Release Your Intentions...

In that silence, ask yourself ‘what do I really want for myself and those I love?’

Distinguish what you want from what others want for you. It’s important that intention comes from a place of truth. And then ....

Release that intention. Breathe it out and say it out loud. You even can write it down in a diary.

Step 3: Let Go of the Outcome and Trust

Now you have declared your intention, let go of wanting that outcome at all costs and move on. Have it in the back of your mind and reflect on it regularly.Look for opportunities to further the intention without trying to control ...   

Step 4: Maintain the motivation and remember your intentions…

Charms aren’t only beautiful and decorative. They’re a strategy for maintaining intentionality. Imbue them with intention and use them to anchor you throughout the day to what’s true and real in your life.

Now choose your charm. Each one has a special meaning. Which of the following charms resonates with you?

The Third Eye

Are you looking for greater clarity of vision, I don't mean out. The Third Eye helps remind us to channel our vision inwards to expand our consciousness. To move beyond our defensive state to a more expansive awareness of who we really are and how things really can be for us if we just moved beyond ego.

The Manna Hand

This is about channeling the gift of generosity of spirit. If you want to be less selfish, and small minded, and instead give more than you expect to receive this charm is for you. Its about seeing resources as abundant and that by giving more you will receive more in return. 

Let it Be

This charm is about acceptance and love. Love for self and others and an acceptance that to be happier we need to let go of trying to control everything in our lives. Let it be tells us let it go, accept it as it is, maybe its ideally the outcome we want but we never had the power to control everything in the first place!

The Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat is a lovely pendant. Since the time of the pharos cats have been seen as bringers of good luck and protection from harm. 

The Wild Two Pendant

This charm is all encompassing. It's about taking care of your life force energy. Your heart and your soul. If you regularly neglect to take care of these two vital things this one is for you!

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