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NOTO Toner & Serum Set

Designer: NOTO

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Buy this gorgeous organic beauty duo to revive, hydrate and restore your skin. 

Basil Yarrow Mist 

Basil and Ylang Ylang awaken dehydrated and tired skin and hair through the Basil Yarrow Mist by NOTO Botanics. Made with distilled Rose Water for calming hydration, organic Yarrow Extract for purifying, organic Sweet Basil Essential Oil to open lungs and airways, Ylang Ylang Oil to lift mood, and German Blue Chamomile to reduce inflammation, this gentle toner works day or night to deliver moisture and refreshment with a light mist

Deep Serum 

Within each drop of this top rated serum oil is a nutrient dense drink from the earth. NOTO Deep Serum will brighten and protect your skin with hydration rich, age managing elements and fresh notes that will deeply penetrate skin and senses.  You will glow. Always vegan and uni-versally-sexy. Great for all skin types including: sensitive, dry, acne prone, oily, or combo. 


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