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Melissa Lesson, Partner, Family Law Department, Mishcon de Reya, London.

My personal style can be described as "Classic but with a twist?! It's such a difficult question to answer really, as in many ways others are much better placed to describe how they see you!"

 Who is your style icon ?  "My mum; elegant, Parisian, she always bought flattering, simple, well cut pieces in great natural fabrics (ie no polyester!) and she had them for years and they managed to never look dated or shabby. She also always made sure that her belt, shoes and bag went together – marrying up the colours and styles. And was a firm believer that with just a couple of expensive pieces (e.g shoes or bag) you could make an inexpensive outfit look much more than it was"

 I believe there is a way to do divorce that .... "doesn't polarise a couple, and that enables them to come out of the other side still being able to talk to each other. That is even more imperative where there are children involved"

If I weren't doing what I do, I would? "be a photographer and combine that with travel writing".

 My tips for juggling work/life balance are..."I read a great piece of advice recently which really resonated with me; when you are juggling so many balls in the air, you just need to remember that some of the balls are glass, and some are plastic. In essence, you cannot 'do it all', but that's ok as long as you can, on any given day, keep the glass balls in the air and let the plastic ones drop."

Wherever I am I like to be surrounded by .. "Water. Sunshine. My family. Great books. My camera".

On my bucket list is ..." A list of countries that I want to see, whenever we can safely travel again. And some countries that I would like to live in one day, and in the meantime dream about"

 The artist I would like to collect if.. "There isn't just one.And I'm not sure I would necessarily want a collection. I like to buy art whenI travel, so my tastes are eclectic and sentimental"

I am inspired by ..."my Mother, my children, my husband"

 During the pandemic I've been reflecting on ...."what is important to me. What I can or can't live without. Those things have changed and that on some levels has surprised me".

 A guilty pleasure I would never forgo? "Wine!"

 An object that I love looking at? "A piece of art I bought in a tiny side street in Hanoi many years ago. It's the portrait of a Vietnamese woman and her child, painted on lacquer. I glance at it every day and it still make me stop and smile."

 My favourite film is? "When Harry Met Sally". After all these years it still makes me laugh."

 My favourite book is?... "AnyHuman Heart" by William Boyd & I am currently reading? "10 Minutes, 38 Seconds in This StrangeWorld" by Elif Shafak.

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe from SUST Style.. "Loma has fantastic taste, and a great eye. I love the thought and time that goes into curating each piece that she puts together, so I'm spoilt for choice but the last piece was the Zepplin Shirt, by Valentine Gauthier which has been great for Zoom calls with clients. I also love the oversized Trench by NOMIA. A one- off statement coat. It's got an air of vintage glamour to it .

Right now I am happy to .. "be exactly where I am".



Truthfully as Frida says, each of us is our own Muse, but sometimes we need a little inspiration!  Each month,  SUST will interview women who dare to be rebellious, conscious and unique in their lives or work and share some of their inspiration with you!

Watch this space..

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